Khala Governance

Khala and Phala adopt the same governance mechanism as Kusama and Polkadot. This is a relatively mature mechanism that governs to ensure the majority of the stake can always command a network. No matter whether the proposal is submitted by the public (PHA token holders) or the council, it will eventually have to go through a referendum where all holders, weighted by stake, make decisions.
To dive deeply into Phala/Khala governance, please refer to the Governance section.


To represent passive stakeholders, Phala/Khala introduced the idea of a “council”. each council member represents an on-chain account. Phala and Khala share the same council which currently consists of 5 members. This is expected to increase over the next few months to 11 members. The council will end up having a fixed number of seats. Click here to learn how to be part of it.

Participate in Khala Democracy

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