Examples of Delegation

After the explanation of the complex underlying mechanism, we use two examples to demonstrate the real-world cases of delegation.

Example 1: Reward Distribution

StakePool 1 has two delegators who have delegated 1000 PHA and 2000 PHA respectively.

The Owner stakes 2,500 PHA on Worker A and starts running.

The StakePool commission set by the owner is 40%. After a period of time, Worker A mined 10 PHA. 20% of it will be handed over to the Treasury, which is 2 PHA, and then 40% of the commission, which is 3.2 PHA, is left to the owner. The rest is distributed to the delegators according to the delegation. 1.6 PHA is distributed to Delegator A and 3.2 PHA is distributed to Delegator B.

Example 2: Reward Withdraw Timetable

This begins with 1000 PHA Free Delegation in the StakePool.

  • 1st Day: Delegator A initiates a withdrawal application of 5000 PHA. Among them, 1000 PHA is immediately submitted, and the remaining 4000 PHA enters the withdrawal queue;

  • 2nd Day: Delegator B delegates 500 PHA. Then this 500 PHA will be withdrawn to Delegator A;

  • 3rd Day: Worker A in the StakePool completed shutdown and released 3000 PHA, which was withdrawn to Delegator A;

  • 8th Day: It has been 7 days since Delegator A applied for withdrawal, and his withdrawal had not been completed. At this time, all workers in the StakePool will be forced to stop;

  • 15th day: All workers in the Stakepool shut down. The withdrawal of Delegator A is then all satisfied.

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