Join the Council

The council is an elected body of on-chain accounts that are intended to represent the passive stakeholders of Phala and/or Khala. The council has two major tasks in governance: proposing referenda and vetoing dangerous or malicious referenda. For more information on the council, see the governance page. This guide will walk you through entering your candidacy to the council.

Submit Candidacy

Submitting your candidacy for the council requires a small bond of PHA / K-PHA. Unless your candidacy wins, the bond will be forfeited. You can receive your bond back if you manually renounce your candidacy before losing. Runners-up are selected after every round and are reserved members in case one of the winners gets forcefully removed.

Currently the bond for submitting a council candidacy on Phala/Khala is 10 PHA/K-PHA.

It is a good idea to announce your council intention before submitting your candidacy so that your supporters will know when they can start to vote for you. You can also vote for yourself in case no one else does.

Go to Khala Dashboard and navigate to the β€œCouncil” tab. Click the button on the right that says β€œSubmit Candidacy.”

After making the transaction, you will see your account appear underneath the row β€œCandidates.”

It is a good idea now to lead by example and give yourself a vote.

Voting on Candidates

Next to the button to submit candidacy is another button titled β€œVote.” You will click this button to make a vote for yourself (optional).

The council uses PhragmΓ©n approval voting, which is also used in the validator elections. This means that you can choose up to 5 distinct candidates to vote for and your stake will equalize between them. For this guide, choose to approve your own candidacy by clicking on the switch next to your account and changing it to say β€œAye.”


If you are one of the lucky ones to win a council election you will see your account move underneath the row β€œMembers”.

Now you are able to participate on the council by making motions or voting proposals. To join in on the active discussions, join the Phala Direction channel.

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