Apply for Project Funding

The Khala Treasury is a pot of funds collected through transaction fees, slashing, that can be spent by submitting a spending proposal that, if approved by the Council, will enter a waiting period before distribution.

Proposals may consist of (but not limited to):

  • Infrastructure deployment and continued operation;

  • Network security operations (monitoring services, continuous auditing);

  • Ecosystem provisions (collaborations with friendly chains);

  • Marketing activities (advertising, paid features, collaborations);

  • Community events and outreach (meetups, hackerspaces);

  • Projects focusing on the relationship between technology and art;

  • Software development (wallets and wallet integration, clients and client upgrades);

  • Ecosystem growth (Research program, Community plans).

The treasury is ultimately controlled by the Council, and how funds are spent is up to their judgment. But it is open to use for everyone willing to answer the question: How can my project contribute to Khala’s vision? The Council attempts to spend as many proposals in the queue as it can without running out of funds.

Make sure to be active on all channels and talk to your Council members to discuss your idea. Ultimately, the success of your proposal depends on the idea behind it but we suggest following these steps to cover the process:

  1. Join our communication channels to talk to Council members directly. To access the channels please create a Discord account if you do not have one yet. Khala Direction: discusses Governance and initiatives of the Khala network, including any submissions to the treasury.

  2. Council members have agreed on a list of elements to be included to better-assess the quality of a submission. This is only a recommendation; however, this type of structure increases the chances of an informed discussion. A proposal template can be found here for you to use as a guide. Note: Your proposal should address a problem, a goal and an instrument to achieve this goal. Think about your project in the mid and long-term and make sure to include notes about any type of funding required after development to maintain the project.

  3. In order to keep an organized record of the feedback related to a proposal, the Council advises to make sure all information is included on one of the available forums. One option is to open a new post on the discussions tab in Subsquare or open a post in Phala Forum. Once the post is published, share it along with your initial message on the Direction channel to open the discussion.

    • Make sure you include an accessible link to your proposal document in your message for the Council.

    • Be ready to answer questions on the forums and on the channels.

The process of applying for a technical bounty:

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