Rent Hardware

Worker on Vultr

This guide will show you how to set up your worker on the VULTR Bare Metal Simplified™ Intel E-2286G Instance. For mining on your own hardware check our guide here.

Before Getting Started

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    Sign up onVultr.
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    Request to increase your limit may be required.
Increasing the credit depends on the cloud provider’s support’s response time.

Deploy Instance

After successfully signing up and increasing your credit limit, it is time to pick the correct instance.
  • Go to Deploy
    • Select ‘Bare Metal’
    • Pick an available location geographically closest to you.
    • Select Intel E-2286G
    • Choose the 64 bit OS Ubuntu 21.10 x64
    • Leave any remaining options as default.
    • Add a meaningful ‘Server Hostname & Label’
    • You are ready to hit ‘Deploy Now’
    • Wait for 5-15 minutes: Get a cup of coffee ☕ until your instance is ready

Instance Settings

Once your new instance is displayed as ‘Running,’ there are currently no additional steps required to adjust the machine’s BIOS. The instance works out of the box.
Optional: To optimize the worker’s score, you can reboot the instance, head over to the console, and enter the BIOS with F11, to adjust the BIOS settings mentioned in this guide.
You can get the correct drivers from our guide here under the Ubuntu 21.10 tab.
Once the drivers are installed, you may now turn your instance into a Phala worker. 👉 Get mining scripts