Accelerate Khala Syncing

Check Your Status

A typical node log that is not up to date will look like this:
2021-09-15 13:33:27 [Relaychain] ⚙️ Syncing 10.4 bps, target=#9236775 (20 peers), best: #9227955 (0xa897…4f36), finalized #9227895 (0x1d6d…1527), ⬇ 1.7MiB/s ⬆ 657.8kiB/s
2021-09-15 13:33:27 [Parachain] ⚙️ Syncing 40.4 bps, target=#400531 (1 peers), best: #396657 (0xb898…6c02), finalized #396443 (0xf470…2f54), ⬇ 378.7kiB/s ⬆ 1.6kiB/s
You can check your node logs anytime by executing the following:
sudo docker logs -f phala-node
For a status on your block heights, feel free to run:
sudo phala status

Download a Snapshot

ℹ If your node is close to the newest block height (about several hours to catch up) or already caught up, you don’t need to do anything; sit and wait.
Download the snapshot using the torrent (updated at 4/30/2022): here
The download will take a while, as the file is large. Get some ☕ in the meantime.
ℹ The snapshot archive is ~750 GB; if you don’t have enough space, consider extracting to an external storage.
To extract the file execute:
tar -xvzf khala-node-snapshot-2022-04-30.tar.gz
The extraction will take a while to complete as well. After extraction, you should get a folder named khala-node. You can list your files with ls to verify where you extracted the snapshot.