What is Phala Network?

Computation as it’s meant to be.

Our Mission

Phala Network is revolutionizing Web3 by providing dApp developers with an off-chain compute infrastructure that is truly decentralized and trustless. By connecting Smart Contracts to our off-chain programs called Phat Contracts, developers can supercharge their dApps with seamless cross-chain integrations, connectivity to the internet, and heavy computation. Phat Contracts make your Smart Contracts even smarter, and can be integrated in minutes using our no-code developer experience Phat Bricks.
Web3 developers are constantly pushing up against the technical limitations of building on-chain. Modern dApps need more than just Smart Contracts to support rich feature sets, and as Web3 has evolved and matured, it has become clear that efficient off-chain computation will be vital for a number of standard dApp use cases. Phala gives dApp developers access to powerful off-chain services without compromising the principles of Web3. This is Computation as it’s Meant to Be.
Furthermore, in a digital landscape that is becoming increasingly centralized, Phala Network seeks to go against the grain by building a compute network that anybody can provide for or build on top of, trustlessly. In other words, Phala is a Public Good Network.

Trustless Computation. Verifiable Results.

Phala Network is designed with multiple layers of security guarantees to provide fully verifiable computation. Anybody with the correct hardware can become a compute providing “Worker” for the network and earn rewards, and Phala has an array of mechanisms in place to ensure Workers always carry out computation faithfully and securely. Tokenomic incentives, hardware-based assurances, and cryptographic evidence of execution published and verified on the Phala blockchain enable Phat Contract to seamlessly extend blockchain-level security to the off-chain realm.

Supercharge Your dApps with Phat Contract

Developers can use Phala Network by deploying Phat Contracts, programs that run on Phala Network’s off-chain Workers that can interface with Smart Contracts on any chain.
Our no-code experience, Phat Bricks, uses pre-written, audited Phat Contracts to form complex functions called Blueprints that developers can integrate with their Smart Contracts in minutes.
Developers with experience using Rust, ink!, JavaScript, or TypeScript can jump into Native Phat Contract and write their own custom programs to service any number of use cases.
Use cases for Phat Contract include:
  • Connect your Smart Contract to any API
  • Interface with any S3 storage platform
  • Compute over data
  • Automate Smart Contracts
  • etc.
You can read more about Phat Contract use cases here.

Join the People’s Network and Earn Rewards

If you want to help power the decentralized internet, you can become a compute-providing Worker for Phala network and earn rewards by allowing Web3 applications to run programs on your hardware. To view hardware requirements and our Worker onboarding guide, click here.