Using PRBv3 UI

You can configure StakePool, Pool operator, and worker information by using the PRBv3 UI, and can also check the running status of workers, and perform related error diagnosis there.


Access the PRB UI by going to http://localhost:3000/. Replace localhost with the IP of the PRB Server.

If you are accessing this page from an external network, please note to check the firewall configuration of the PRB server.

Data configuration on PRBv3 UI

StakePool Configuration

Click Pools in Inventory to jump to the StakePool configuration interface.

  • Click Add button

  • Enter PID of the StakePool and your custom name for it

  • Click confirm

This completes the input of StakePool information.

Pool Operator Configuration

Click Pool Operators in Inventory to jump to the Operator configuration interface.

  • Click Set button.

  • Enter PID of the StakePool.

  • Select seed for Account Type.

  • If your operator account does not use the proxy method, enter the mnemonic of the operator in the Account section; leave Proxied Account (SS58) empty.

  • If your operator account uses the proxy method, enter the mnemonic of the authorized gas fee account in the Account section; enter the real pool operator’s account address in Proxied Account (SS58).

  • Click confirm.

This completes the input of Pool operator information.

Worker Configuration

Click Workers in Inventory to jump to the Worker configuration interface.

  • Click Add button

  • Enter your custom name for the Worker and the desired PID for the worker

  • Enter the worker’s endpoint in the format http://{pRuntime-ip}:8000/. Replace {pRuntime-ip} with the IP of the worker.

  • Enter the desired worker staking amount and add 12 zeros after the number. For example, 5000000000000000 means a staking value of 5000.

  • Click confirm

This completes the input of Worker information.

Similar to PRBv2, PRBv3 supports multi-mode worker synchronization.

If you choose the SyncOnly mode, the worker will only participate in synchronization and will not register worker’s information on chain after reaching the maximum height. There is a similar option in StakePool configuration page, and they are the same functions.

Additionally, PRBv3 has added GateKeeper mode, allowing you to deploy GateKeeper with PRBv3.

β€’ The GateKeeper reward function as originally planned in the tokenomics is not yet enabled; Therefore, if you deploy GateKeeper, you will not receive any rewards. β€’ GateKeeper cannot be added to StakePool for computation contributing. β€’ After GateKeeper synchronization is completed, the operator needs to initiate an on-chain proposal and complete GK registration through community referendum before it can start running. The specific registration transaction is:phalaRegistry.registerGatekeeper(gatekeeper)

Start running

After all information is configured, click the Restart WM and then click the reload button in the upper left corner of the page. The new configuration information will be loaded, and PRBv3 will start working.

Status check

Click Workers in Status to check the synchronization status of all workers and manage workers using the restart and re-register buttons.

Click Transactions in Status to check the transaction records sent by the PRB and confirm the details.

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