How to switch from Solo scripts to PRB worker


How Solo Worker Works

Solo worker runs 3 Docker containers named Phala-node, Phala-pherry, and Phala-pRuntime.
Node provides blockchain node services; PRuntime provides TEE-runtime services; And Pherry acts as a bridge between TEE and blockchain nodes. The only component that really provides decentralized computing services to the network is pRuntime

How PRB Works

PRB is “Phala Runtime Bridge” which replaces pherry to make a bridge between the blockchain and pRuntime to convey information in batches.

How to switch from Solo mining to PRB mining

  • Turn off Pherry service on solo workers
  • Shut down the Node service on solo workers
  • Let pRuntime run alone and add pruntime’s endpoint to PRB

Operation steps

  • Step1 sudo phala stop
  • Step 2 sudo mkdir ~/prb
  • Step 3 Copy the docker-compse.yml and .env files in the Solo mining folder to ~/prb
  • Step 4 sudo vim docker-compose.yml Edit the docker-compose file and delete the descriptions of the node and pherry services
  • Step 5 sudo docker-compose up -d start pruntime alone
  • Step 6 Add the endpoint of this pruntime on the Worker page of Prb (the format is:
  • Step 7 Restart the lifecycle component of prb

How to set up a PRB worker

Just learn from this page: PRB setup