⚡AI Execution Layer

With the advancements of autonomous AI Agents, a new paradigm had started to form, and thought leaders in Blockchain started to realize the potential synergies that AI x Blockchain can offer. For example, Vitalik's blog post about AI x Blockchain sparked a new realization. AI Agents can serve as an intelligent interface to Blockchain, and help AI understand the blockchain world while ensuring their behavior (i.e. signed messages and transactions) matches their intentions and avoid being tricked or scammed.

In this intersection of AI x Blockchain, AI Agents are missing some key elements that Blockchain could solve given the right architecture. Phala's Blockchain-TEE hybrid system has the answer to make AI Agents act like Smart Contracts by providing the following features for AI Agents:

  • Hosted on decentralized platform to ensure service availability.

  • Governed by smart contracts. This involves prompt management and access control.

  • Free to call each other to form complex applications, while the callers need to cover the cost during callee execution.

  • The secrecy of prompts are protected by TEE.

  • Highly user interactive with low latency requirements and require no gas fee.

All of these leads to a system that allow AI Agents to run in TEE workers, but are fully controlled by on-chain smart contracts. This is what Phala is good at.

The Phala Network Advantage

Why build AI Agents on Phala Network?

  • Agentize Smart Contracts: Create smart contract centric AI Agents for popular web3 services and smart contracts.

  • Decentralized: Powered by the largest TEE network, agents are fully decentralized, tamper-proof, and unstoppable.

  • Incentivized: Get funded and profit on Agent Wars with innovative ideas.

  • Powerful: Code in fully customizable Javascript & WASM runtime.

  • Rich Integration: OpenAI, LangChain, io.net, etc.

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